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African Goddess of Love

and Sweet Waters

The Yoruba people are a large ethnic group that inhabits the southwestern and north-central region of modern-day Nigeria, as well as southern and central Benin, West Africa. As a result of the transatlantic slave trade, which existed between the 15th to the 19th century, the Yoruba people were forcibly transported all over the world. They took with them the knowledge and practice of the religion, Ifa. Osun (also spelled Oshun) is one of the many orisha, or deities within the culture and Ifa religion of the Yoruba people. Osun is regarded as a goddess of love, diplomacy, culture, and joy. She represents the energy that reminds human beings to live their lives as if they were her “treasure,” thereby living with a sense of gratitude, joy, and creativity. 




Osun has treasures for us all!  Find the treasure she has for you and rejoice in it!! Ase'ooo


About Our Company

Osun’s Treasure is a spiritual company that provides tools to assist with personal grounding, spiritual and self-protection, and cleanings/clearings. 

Our customers happily utilize our tools to shift their energy and manage their surroundings, wherever they are! We take pride in providing keen attention to the details that help customers feel like the treasures they are! Ase Oooooo 

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