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Not Today...Smudge Spray is hand made in super concentrated small batches and infused with the Love and Protection of Osun (Oshun). Each 4oz bottle actually makes a 24oz bottle of Smudge Spray.


When smudging with smoke is not an option, this spray gets the job done of dispelling negative energy, uplifts your mood and the mood of those around you and brings peace and calmness to your environment. Allow the soft lavendar and sage aroma to take you to your happy place! :-)


It is safe to spray on adults and children by spraying directly above the head and allowing the spray to fall on you and around your area.

Not Today... Smudge Spray 4oz (super concentrated)

  • Mix this bottle with 20 oz of water. Shake well. Spray  around you or your area to dispel energy.

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